Keep Innovating!

We carry on challenging to make cozy and
more quality of life with “EMBODY” spirit.

GODAI EMBODY Co.,Ltd was founded in 1982 as an engineering company which conducts a contract development of product from design to manufacturing. So our corporate identity is to “EMBODY“ your concept.

Our mission is to contribute to society through developing and manufacturing automated system, medical and welfare apparatus innovatively with based on mechanical technology, electronics, hardware, software.

Also, COM FRIEND Corp was spun out from Medial and Healthcare department of GODAI EMBODY Co.,Ltd in 2008. We put on our effort into planning and sales for welfare and assistive technology products to have Quality of Life which everyone would like to have.

We aim to keep on being a creative company, and we continue taking challenges with no being afraid of taking risks.

President Tadahiro Sato

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International Patent related to Godai Embody CAT-smart product was published as of July 19th2018 (WO/2018/131542).