Cozy Project

Cozy Project is a total produce of whole environment design.

Cozy means a comfortable space, a feeling good, warm-hearted, relaxed atmosphere in English
Cozy Project makes it a goal to design of “Active and Cozy” environment, which is important of individual sense of value and opportunity of participation. Our company has developed some assistive products and software for mainly intellectual disability people for over 10years. In that process, we realized that “Active and Cozy” environment is needed for everyone to spend a life lively, therefore, we started the Cozy Project in 2002.


GODAI EMBODY can help all or a part of your design development with a contract or co-design development about Medical and Welfare Apparatus. We will do a best performance on proposal attitude anytime to achieve a more quality of product with full using our domestic and foreign network. Please contact us with no hesitation.