Precision Equipment

Automated robot system for pathological and cytological diagnosis

Automated robot system for pathological and cytological diagnosis
  1. 1. equipment dimension : 665mm(W)×650mm(D)×1265mm(H)
  2. 2. equipment weight : 120kg (approx)
  3. 3. use conditions : AC100V 50Hz/60Hz 20A
  4. 4. slide glass set : 20pcs / 1 basket
  5. 5. purposed basket : 2pcs / 1 block, block : 3 types
  6. 6. operation screen / setting method : 17inch or 19inch color LCD monitor
  7. 7. processing capacity : 45sec
  1. 1. Labeler (function of labeling on a slide glass)
  2. 2. main unit (function of extension, dry, store in a purposed basket of each stained pattern, and carry out a slide glass)
  3. 3.  terminal PC (function of controlling server information)
ID managing method
Printing server information directly to the slide glass as the barcode, it prevents mistakes difference take the samples.
System layout

This system is divided into slide glass related unit and purposed basket related unit. The role of each part is as follows.

System layout

slide glass related unit

After printing on slide glass and manually putting resected segment on it, then the system automatically works, as extension, dry of the segment, and carry out it to a specified insert position.

①receiving unit/②dispense unit/③pushing out unit /
④carrying extension unit/⑤dry unit/⑥Insert unit
slide glass related unit

Inserting the slide glass into a basket which the system carries out to a specified position. When the glass reaching a specified quantities, the basket moves to a pick up position.

⑦empty basket supply unit/⑧basket vertical migration unit/⑨90 degree rotating movement unit/⑩basket pick up unit

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