Questions about product

QI am thinking of ordering a product in this web site. Can I order it ?
AWe are not selling OEM product directly, which is shown in this web site. But we can let you know the way of purchasing it. Please contact us with no hesitation, anyway.
In case of optical fiber scope system for animal (Cozyx Scorp), we are treating it from the production to the sale. Please use the Direct Sales Site of Fiber Scope for Animal called “Cozyx Scope“.

Questions about product development

QCan I order using your manufacturing factory on consignment ?
AWe can undertake your demand of any process from development to production.
We are undertaking only a contracted development, designning, manufacturing, …etc.
QCad you undertake a small lot prodoction ?
AWe can treat from small lot prodution to large scall production.
We can make a production on customer’s demand with full using our domestic and foreign network.
QCan I request a quote only ?
AYes, you can. Please contact us with your needed specification in first.
QCan I order making a prototype only? Also, does it cost ?
AYes, you can. We can quote a price according to your prototype condition.
QWe would like to develop a special product. Can you undertake it as a co-design development from planning and designing ?
AYes, we can. Please contact us with your needed specification in first. Moreover, we will work together with you on proposal attitude anytime to achieve a more quality of product.